Urban and Regional Studies and Planning

Urban and Regional Studies

The profession of urban and regional planning is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life of communities, large and small. A good community a sustainable community where citizens care about, and are involved in, public life; where there are ample opportunities for well-paid meaningful work; where beauty is expressed in design and reverence is paid to the environment.

Richmond, Va., is an ideal place in which to learn the craft of sustainable development planning. Richmond is a beautiful city with rich traditions, historic neighborhoods and exquisite architecture. It is also the center of a modern metropolis that boasts a thriving economy and high quality of life overall, but which also faces many challenges, such as poverty, sprawl, political fragmentation and threats to the environment. Surrounding Richmond are many charming historic towns that now must confront the challenges of a global economy and new development patterns. All of these settings and issues provide the opportunity for learning practical planning skills.

The Wilder School offers the following degree and certificate programs in the area of Urban and Regional Studies and Planning:

Bachelor of Science in Urban and Regional Studies
Master of Urban and Regional Planning
Post-baccalaureate Graduate Certificate in Urban Revitalization
Post-baccalaureate Graduate Certificate in Geographic Information Systems



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Urban and Regional Planning/Studies
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