Photo of a bike with the caption Two wheels, two days

Get a behind-the-scenes view of the legislative process through Virginia Capital Semester. Deadline is Nov. 1.

Photo of a bike with the caption Two wheels, two days

On Sept 28-29, the Wilder School will host Bicycle Urbanism Symposium II, an international conference designed to promote cycling as a primary mode of transit.

Wilder Scholl Spotlight: Dina Ayad

Unique jail and university partnership helps alumnus to hone her skills.

Campaign for India Chair

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Faculty News

Jay S. Albanese Named Visiting Professor at the University of Manchester >
Jay S. Albanese, Ph.D., a professor and criminologist at the VCU Wilder School, has been elected to receive a Simon Visiting Professorship in the School of Law at the University of Manchester in England for the coming academic year.

Jill Gordon Has Paper Published in Criminal Justice Policy Review >
Jill Gordon, Ph.D., Criminal Justice program chair and an associate professor at the VCU Wilder School, recently had a paper, “Examining Correctional Officers’ Fear of Victimization by Inmates: The Influence of Fear Facilitators and Fear Inhibitors,” published in the Criminal Justice Policy Review.

New Book by Christina Mancini: “Campus Crime and Safety” >
A new book, “Campus Crime and Safety,” by Christina Mancini, Ph.D., an assistant professor of criminal justice at the VCU Wilder School, examines patterns of campus violence and reviews the policy responses designed to reduce student victimization.

Wilder School Spotlight: Robyn McDougle

Meet the faculty, staff, students, alumni and friends of the Wilder School >

Robyn McDougle

Last April, McDougle, an associate professor of criminal justice within the VCU Wilder School, became the faculty director of the university’s first Office of Public Policy Outreach.

“My position really serves as a hub for coalition building and for advancing the profile of public policy research at VCU among local, regional and state policy makers,” said McDougle.

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Past Wilder School Spotlight: Nick Garcia »