Thank you for your decision to invest in VCU’s L. Douglas Wilder School of Government and Public Affairs. Your gift signals a deep and abiding confidence in our faculty and students and demonstrates a powerful commitment to making things happen. Large or small, your contributions have a ripple effect, combining with others to expand our possibilities for greatness.

The most impactful gifts are generally the result of a well-thought-out combination of strategies. The following four-step process is designed to get you thinking about the match between your charitable goals and the Wilder School’s institutional needs.

Making the Match: Four Easy Steps to Giving

What, how and when you give to the Wilder School can be as unique as you are. Not sure where to begin? Here are four simple steps to get you started on becoming a part of our bright future.

  1. Sky’s the limit.
    Maybe you’d like to support a deserving student by funding a grant for international study. Or help the school attract a world-class scholar by endowing its India Chair in Democracy and Civil Society. Or partner with us to create a completely new academic program — something no other school of government and affairs has attempted. Whatever your dreams are, your gifts to the Wilder School can help bring them to life.
  2. Consider your assets.
    Cash is just one of many assets that you can give. There are many others that can have tremendous value to the Wilder School, from appreciated stocks to real estate, to IRA charitable and planned giving. Each has its own unique benefit. No matter how you decide to give, the Wilder School offers simple and convenient payment options.
  3. Think about how and when you want to give.
    Do you need great wealth to make a significant gift? Not by a long shot. By combining various types of gifts over the course of your lifetime, you can make a great impact.

    Some donors even choose to participate in our planned giving programs, which provide attractive and immediate deferred tax advantages to the donor while offering benefits to the school that extend beyond the donor’s lifetime. Whether you decide on a planned gift, a gift to our annual fund, or an investment in an academic program or area, we encourage you to explore all available gift opportunities in matching your goals.
  4. No matter where you are in the process, contact us.
    The most powerful gifts are usually the result of a well-thought-out combination of strategies. Our staff will work with you and your legal, tax, and other advisors to design a giving plan that benefits both you and the Wilder School. We believe you’ll be surprised to learn just how significant your giving — and your impact on future generations — can be.