The Application Process

Who is eligible for participation?

Undergraduate and graduate students are eligible. You must have completed at least 18 credit hours and have a 2.7 GPA in your major.

How do I find an internship position?

Please see our internship examples Adobe PDF. Students are encouraged to visit the Wilder School Internship Office for many available resources for local, state and federal internships. You should identify opportunities of interest and contact the organization to begin the application process for the position. Also, as new opportunities come about, information is sent out via email. Individuals may also find positions independently; however, the position must be approved by the Internship Coordinator in order to count for academic credit.

What application materials do I need to submit to the Wilder School?

You must provide a completed application, a copy of your transcript (unofficial is acceptable) and a resume to the Internship Coordinator. The application is available on the Internship Program page of the Wilder School website (
If you have been offered a position at the time of your application include a copy of your job description along with the contact information from your employer.

How do I submit an application?

The application materials can be submitted to Gay Cutchin, the Internship Coordinator, by placing them in her mailbox on the fourth floor of Scherer Hall (923 W. Franklin Street) Room 405. Once your application has been received, please schedule an appointment with Gay Cutchin (

When is the application deadline?

Fall semesterAugust 1
Spring semester November 1
Summer semesterApril 1

Academic Requirements

How do I receive academic credit for my internship?

After the application is approved, you will receive information about your electronic override from the Wilder School Advising office and details on how to enroll in the internship course, GVPA 493 or GVPA 693.

How many credit hours will I receive?

Undergraduate students have the option of taking between 1 and 6 credit hours. Students must work 50 hours per credit (i.e., a student taking three credits must complete 150 hours of internship work within the semester).

Graduate students may take a 3 or 6 credit course. Masters of Public Administration students must work 300 hours for the 3 credit course. All other graduate students must work 150 hours for 3 credits or 300 hours for 6 credits.

What are the requirements of the internship course?

After enrolling, you will receive a syllabus on the course blackboard page outlining the course requirements and the respective due dates. Students are expected to complete a paper reflecting on their experience and relating their experience to a substantive topic in their major. Students will also provide time logs and supervisor evaluations.

For more information visit the Internship Program on the Wilder School website:

Or contact:

  • Sarah Jane Brubaker, Associate Dean of Faculty and Academic Affairs
  • Scherer Hall, Room 505
  • (804) 827-2400